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The North East’s Premier Fell Running Club
“Step by Step to Success” Introduction I have written these notes and produced some sketch maps of races that may be undertaken in The Cleveland Hills. These may be done by a runner or jogger, provided they have a reasonable awareness of what the terrain demands of them. I once had a conversation with a national running coach who insisted that fell or hill running required exactly the same skills as cross country running! I would have thought that for anyone who has little or no experience of this sort of event the best thing to do is to close the hole below your nose and exercise those two receptors located on either side of your eyes. For example navigational and survival skills are essential to complete some courses in a state of well being! Anyway back to the present notes; it is important for each competitor to be properly equipped, aware of the route’s requirements and be fit enough to complete  the course without too much suffering. It is well known that all runners are masochists, hence their little anecdotes like ‘no gain without pain.’ The main reason for producing these notes is however to give information to those who wish to enjoy the Cleveland Hills through hill running competitions. I would also like to acknowledge the kindness of many landowners, too numerous to mention, who tolerate us for the day and even welcome us as well. You often find that farmers will move livestock for the day or weekend or even build a new style. We are extremely grateful for all levels of support and cooperation that we receive. NB. These are the standard routes but variation may occur due to particular circumstances on the day of the race; e.g. adverse weather conditions, problems with land access or motorbikes crossing! Hope you enjoy some of these;  David Parry NECAA. Fell Running Rep. N.B. More maps coming soon NB.  Please study the "Hill Running Safety Rules and Assessment document"     Route   Distance (miles or Km Climb (ft or m)   1 Blakey Blitz  10.5 2750 ft   2 Broughton Woods Wobble 8.5Km   430m   Broughton Woods Juniors     3 Captain Cooks  5.5   750 ft     Captain Cooks Junior race routes   4 Carlton Challenge  5.0 1181 ft   5 Carlton Midsummer Meander  4.1 1280 ft      6 Clay Bank East  5.7 1003 ft   7 Clay Bank West  5.5   900 ft   8 Cock Howe Classic (U9)  1.0Km     74m    Cock Howe Classic (U11 & U13) 2.0Km   160m    Cock Howe Classic (U15) 3.0Km   200m    Cock Howe Classic (U17,19,21) 4.0Km         243m   9 Commondale Clart / Crossing  6.0 1000 ft    10 Commondale Beacon / 2 Crosses 8.0    984ft    11 Danby Beacon 2012 8.0 1100 ft 12 Eskdale Eureka           14.0Km     425m 13 Fox And Hounds Chase           14.0Km    435m Fox & Hounds Juniors 3.3Km    105m 14 Gisborough Moors  12.5 2600 ft 15 Glaisdale Rigg  8 1500 ft 16 Gormire Gamble 9Km   250m 17 Gribdale Growler 2018  9.1Km   284m      NEW ROUTE 18 Guisborough Grunt+  6 1350 ft 19 G’bro 3 Tops English Champs 14.75Km   744m      Route description     Race info  20 Guisborough Three Tops (OLD)  8 2000 ft 21 G’bro Woods inc juniors 8.8Km    375m 22 Heartbeat Hobble 10.9Km    220m   23 Inclined to Madness 11Km   325 m  24 Levisham Limping  6.5 1063 ft 25 Levisham Saltgate Gallows 10.7 1633 ft 26 Maybeck 3 Crosses  7.5   984 ft 27 Ossy Oiks - new route 2012  5.3 1834 ft 28 Pinchinthorpe Plod 6.2   900 ft 29 Roseberry Topping  1.6   715 ft 30 Saltergate Gallows 13Km   310m   31 Viking Chase (CSRT) 8 1500 ft 32 Whorlton Run 11Km   330m