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The minutes of the 2024 AGM (26 March) are now available via this link


Membership of the club is open to anyone 14 years of age or above, interested in recreational or competitive running with a club focus of running on the fells, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs.

  • Membership open to anyone 14 years of age or above (on 1 Jan, of the Membership period).
  • Children under 14 years of age can be Associate Members providing their parent or guardian is also a member of EVFC
  • The annual club membership period starts on 1st April and finishes on 31st March.
  • No fee reduction for part-year membership
Membership CategoryAnnual Fee
Senior (Over 18yrs)£11.20
Junior (14 – 18yrs)£1.20
Associate (13 yrs or under)£1.20
UK Athletics Affiliation (optional – see further advice below); for period 1/4/2024 to 31/3/2025£19.00
Contact Membership Secretary if you have any queries on the above.

NOTE: If you intend to only run in Fell Races (these are organised under the Fell Runners Association rules) you do not need to affiliate as an individual athlete to UK Athletics.

You only need to select the option to become a competitive athlete affiliated to UKA/ England Athletics if you intend to race competitively in races/events organised by EA/UKA. If you do select this option when joining EVFC (via the link above), the Club is responsible for registering you as an athlete with UKA/EA and paying your annual membership fee (if EVFC is your ‘first claim club’). NOTE: UK Athletics affiliation fee is is £19.00 for the period 1/4/2024 to 31/3/2025.

Esk Valley Fell Club is affiliated to UKA/ England Athletics

Club Committee & Contacts

Club – ChairMike
Club – SecretaryPhil
Club – TreasurerDave
Club CaptainGary Talbottbc
Membership SecretaryPhil
Race CoordinatorClive
Welfare OfficerTim
Training CoordinatorJosh
WebsitePhil Conner/ Flavius
FRA Club AmbassadorPhil Bainestbc

Club Vests

Club vests are available to purchase (£15 each) from the EVFC Race Coordinator, either at Race Events or by prior agreement at club training, or through our Online Shop. Sizes available (Unisex fit) are : XS (34/36”), S (36/38”), M (38/40”), L (40/42”), XL (42/44”), XXL (44/46”).

Club Championships

Club Records

EVFC Records – Local Fell Races
EVFC Records – National Fell Races
Contact Club Statistician for updates


09 Nov 2023History of Fox Hounds Chase
29 May 2022Bob Graham Round (Dave Berry)
9 Sep 2020 Puddle-Buckley Round
8 Aug 2020Frog-Graham Round
29 Jul 2017Bob Graham Round (Paul Williams)
29 Jul 2017Bob Graham Round (Mike-Quinn)
10 Oct 2016Dave-Parry RIP
06 Jun 2012Ennerdale-Fell-Race
Please forward any new event or challenge reports to the Club Secretary

Policies & Procedures

EVFC – Welfare Policy
EVFC – Inclusion Policy
EA_Codes-of-conduct – Club Welfare Officer
EA_Codes-of-conduct – Coaches
EA_Codes-of-conduct – Volunteers
EA_Codes-of-conduct – Senior Athletes
EA_Codes-of-conduct – Parents/Carers
Athlete Change of Club Online Process
Contact Club Secretary or Welfare Officer if you have any questions on the above

Club Documents

EVFC Constitution_V9_2024
EA-Certificate-of-Affiliation (2024-2025)
Club Members List
Self Declaration Form
Contact Club Secretary if you have any questions on the above

Annual General Meetings

Minutes of AGM 2024 (rev1)
Minutes of AGM 2023
No AGM due to COVID restrictions
Contact Club Secretary if you have any questions on the above
Club Night