All club members are welcome.

The main EVFC off-road training sessions are held weekly on a Tuesday night, throughout the year. The meeting location rotates (see table below) and usually 3 groups are out each week, all starting/finishing at the same place. On the last Tuesday of each month everyone meets at the same time, with a post-run social in the local pub afterwards.

Sessions 1 and 3 are not suitable for beginners as runs are usually around 10 miles with 1500 – 2000ft of climbing at a fast pace. Session 1 meets at 5.45pm for a 6pm start. Session 3 meets at 7pm for a 7.15pm start. Sessions 2 is most suitable for intermediate or slower runners – slower pace, shorter distance, and less climbing. Session 2 meets at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start.

A more informal group of slower club runners (‘the Slowbies’) meet on a Monday evening for a fell training run, starting between 5-6pm. This group makes arrangements each week for location/time via a WhatsApp group. Contact Sid Bollands ( to be added to this group.

4/1/2022Free Car Park, Newton-under-Roseberry///chin.gifted.divesn/a
11/1/2022Bank Foot Farm, nr Ingleby Greenhow///gestures.signs.workroomn/a
18/1/2022Kirkby Village///jubilant.remain.resultsn/a
25/1/2022Tourist Info Carpark, Gt Ayton
[All 7pm Start]
///impact.sand.bullionRoyal Oak PH
1/2/2022Lay-by, Church, Ingleby Cross///shelter.slimy.resettlen/a
8/2/2022Lay-by, Village Hall, Kildale///rapport.reclining.chewn/a
15/2/2022Lay-by, Maynards, Gt Broughton///
22/2/2022Black Horse PH, Main St, Swainby
[All 6.30pm Start]
///impact.sand.bullionBlack Horse PH
1/3/2022Free Car Park, Newton-under-Roseberry///chin.gifted.divesn/a
8/3/22Bank Foot Farm, nr Ingleby Greenhow///gestures.signs.workroomn/a
15/3/2022Hutton Village///redefined.scrubbing.reportn/a
22/3/2022Kirkby Village///jubilant.remain.resultsn/a
29/3/2022Tourist Info Carpark, Gt Ayton
[All 6.30pm Start]
///flinch.beside.daffodilsRoyal Oak PH +
AGM @ 8.15pm
5/4/2022Clay Bank, Lower Carpark///relief.wedge.perfectn/a
12/4/2022Lay-by, Church, Ingleby Cross///shelter.slimy.resettlen/a
19/4/2022Carlton Village///decorated.clip.wittyn/a
26/4/2022Carpark, Gribdale Gate, Gt Ayton
[All 6.30pm Start]
///candidate.tile.thronesRoyal Oak PH
10/5/2022Village Hall, Kepwick///incline.dockers.alasn/a
17/5/2022Carpark, Village Hall, Chop Gate///friday.spenders.trolln/a
24/5/2022Lay-by, Village Hall, Kildale///rapport.reclining.chewn/a
[All 7pm Start]
///chin.gifted.divesCleveland Inn
7/6/2022Square Corner, nr Osmotherley ///
14/6/2022Cat Nab Carpark, Saltburn///captures.habits.squaringn/a
21/6/2022Hob Hole//////desiring.everyone.caredn/a
28/6/2022Free Car Park, Newton-under-Roseberry
[All 6.30pm Start]
///chin.gifted.divesKings Head PH
5/7/2022Carpark, Birk Brow///belief.differ.supportn/a
12/7/2022Scout Hut, Kirkby ///dunes.leotard.condensedn/a
19/7/2022Carpark, Village Hall, Chop Gate///friday.spenders.trolln/a
26/7/2022Black Horse PH, Main St, Swainby
[All 7pm Start]
///impact.sand.bullionBlack Horse PH
2/8/2022Carpark, Pinchingthorpe///newspaper.together.responsen/a
9/8/2022Village Hall, Kepwick///incline.dockers.alasn/a
16/8/2022Bank Foot Farm, nr Ingleby Greenhow///gestures.signs.workroomn/a
23/8/2022Square Corner, nr Osmotherley///
30/8/2022Cat Nab Carpark, Saltburn
[All 6.30pm Start]
///captures.habits.squaringThe Ship Inn
6/9/2022Clay Bank, Lower Carpark///relief.wedge.perfectn/a
13/9/2022Lay-by, Maynards, Gt Broughton///
20/9/2022Hutton Village///redefined.scrubbing.reportn/a
[All 7pm Start]
///chin.gifted.divesCleveland Inn
4/10/2022Lay-by, Church, Ingleby Cross///shelter.slimy.resettlen/a
11/10/2022Lay-by, Village Hall, Kildale///rapport.reclining.chewn/a
18/10/2022Lay-by, Maynards, Gt Broughton///
25/10/2022Black Horse PH, Main St, Swainby
[All 6.30pm Start]
///impact.sand.bullionBlack Horse PH
1/11/2022Free Car Park, Newton-under-Roseberry ///chin.gifted.divesn/a
8/11/2022Bank Foot Farm, nr Ingleby Greenhow///gestures.signs.workroomn/a
15/11/2022Hutton Village///redefined.scrubbing.reportn/a
22/11/2022Kirkby Village///jubilant.remain.resultsn/a
29/11/2022Tourist Info Carpark, Gt Ayton
[All 7pm Start]
///flinch.beside.daffodilsRoyal Oak PH
6/12/2022Lay-by, Church, Ingleby Cross///shelter.slimy.resettlen/a
13/12/2022Lay-by, Village Hall, Kildale///rapport.reclining.chewn/a
20/12/2022Clay Bank, Lower Carpark///relief.wedge.perfectn/a
27/12/2022Lay-by, Maynards, Gt Broughton
[All 6.30pm Start]
/// Horse PH, Gt Broughton
EVFC Training Venues (Tuesday night)